Cutting and etching order difficulty

I am new to this…when I follow the simple first project offered by Lightburn the sequence follows the order the object are created despite rearranging them in Cut/Layers. When the preview screen is opened to review the sequence etc I cannot alter the sequence using Cut/Layers tool. I have watched several videos but to no avail…do I have a setting incorrectly setup somewhere? Punning under windows 10 on an HP pavilion

Did you watch this video?

It´sa little bit longer but I think it have some solutions for what you need.

Bernard Stokes 9:39 PM (0 minutes ago)

Thankyou this video showed me how to get the order of events correctly sequenced.

Now I have the next issue to solve…error 8 Grbl error :Grbl $ command cannot be used unless Grbl is idle……I have gone through several answers in the forum but to no avail. Can you point me to any video or information about this particular issue.


At the moment i can’t help you but soon enough someone will help you with that.

This post might be a good place to start. :slight_smile:

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