Cutting bed and lightburn doesn't match

I just got my laser and installed lightburn. I tried this two ways…

  1. I imported a file and placed it in a spot inside the 15.75x23 " rectangle, and used the button to move the laser to make sure it was in the cut area. Mine says Mode lines… Anyways pressed play and it cut a line… Not what I asked …
    So fiddled around saw on the controller an error slop

Fiddled more and finally got it to cut a circle after shrinking it down way less than what I wanted … Again Not where I wanted it either.

  1. Drew a circle did the same thing cut in the same space! Even after moving it to a different location.

So , just looking for advice if anyone’s done this

I am asking if anyone has faced the problem where

  1. The laser bed and the lightburn cutting bed on the screen line up.

  2. How I can fix this so that what I imported or create in lightburn matches what the laser cuts and where it cuts on the machine

  3. I’m asking Why if my laser is a 6040 I cannot cut a 14" circle? Reverting back to #1. Where it does not align

Read here as a starting point:

It sounds like you might be in User Origin or Current Position mode, but are expecting the behavior of ‘Absolute Coords’, so the above should help. If it doesn’t, let me know.

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