Cutting bed issues

Can any one please tell me why my Orion 80w laser software both Lightburn and RDWorks show exact size of the bed 700 by 500,but when comes actually comes to using it it only utilises approx a quarter of the bed to cut or engrave.
Also I can frame the small area but get x y frame over size when trying to cut even when laser positioned inside frame diameters

This is a configuration issue if it’s that small of an area.

Can you move your laser head to all 4 corners? If so, the machine itself would be OK.

Remember that there are 25.4mm / inch. My guess off hand would be to check the Ruida to ensure it’s in the same measurement mode as the software. I think the Ruida has that option, mines not available now. The reason I pick the controller is both of the software packages are in mm and correct. Since the only common connection is the controller, I’d try there first.

If this isn’t the fix, maybe an example of what you are trying to do, including, if possible the .lbrn2 file. This would let us examine your settings.


No as usual you are correct can only move head to the edges of the reduced area ie not all 4corners.

To be perfectly honest I assumed that RDWorks showed me 700 by 500 but in fact when I input 700/500 it said outwith cutting area. and showed me 700400 grid and the smaller one inset.

Read the conguration data from your controller ‘Edit → Machine Settings’ In the ‘Vendor settings’
are the X and Y “Max Travel” that are probably incorrect :frowning:

Don’t go by my numbers… My X is 511 and Y is 344

Sounds to me that Lightburn/RDWorks is smart enough to read the controller and give you only what the machine can do.


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You most likely have your steps wrong on the drivers.

How does this occur? Seems to be a recurring problem, with these machines… I won’t mention doing a factory reset to fix it :frowning:

They must have gotten the gremlin option…



You are the man. Start writing your book.

Strange however as the download was one Kris sent me from his. Must check in with him as he may be only using the reduced bed size.

Never the less again due you two now.

There are many reasons the calibration of the steps per X can be wrong:

  • DIP switches on driver were changed
  • configuration on controller was changed
  • machine builder never properly configured the settings
  • machine operator changed the controller settings
  • gearing was not taken into account upon machine build
  • controller was reset

(naming some of them).

But it looks like ( and going back and reading the details a little closer in the previous messages), the issue was in fact the max travel settings.

Glad you’re up and running

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It was indeed. And the sizing still wrong as although says bed 700 by 500 it only travels at that setting to 600 by 465.

Do not care a jot up and running.

If only the world could collaborate as you guys and girls do on these forums we would all be in a better place and the world safer.

Positive thinking and a good weekend to all.

Glad it was something simple. Did it come that way?


No it appears that Kris has his vendor max set at 500 300 and when he sent lbset from his it clearly downloaded his parameters.

A couple things here worry me… Hope it’s nothing.

If the configuration file loaded onto that Ruida came from another laser that could be an issue.

If your bed size is set to the 700 x 500, does the screen show the 600 x 465 when it stops at max travel?

I had bad feelings about this, especially how your controllers values got hosed up. They are probably not the only ones.

See how it goes… We’ll be around…

Backup configuration file !


Hi Jack, I sent Roya a copy of my settings straight from my machine, i’ve never had a problem so have never needed to check them but i shall be looking at them tomorrow. :+1: :thinking:

That’s great. Thanks for taking the time.

My Machine Settings were posted so they would have a better idea of where and what to look for… It sounds like they may have loaded another laser lbset file into that controller…?

Those X & Y coordinates were too far off and the machine isn’t responding correctly for that to be the only issue.

These machines may look identical, but the motors, drivers and everything else may be different… :frowning:

I’m hoping I’m just too suspicious. :slight_smile:


Hi all, checked my machine settings, backup file and the posted file and checked my machine was hitting all four corners, all’s good this end so not sure where the problem lies. :thinking:

Strange indeed. The fact your machine is fine is the important thing, however I suspect you wont be happy until you get to the bottom of it. Yours working and mine working all good.

I have a 60W Blue/Grey which looks like the same as an OMTech machine. Just rechecked my settings and mine are set to X- 700 and Y-500 in vendor settings but I think this is just telling the controller not to exceed them and not necessarily what your bed size is.
There are also settings in the Lightburn configuration to set bed size. Could that be it?


The Ruida uses the settings to determine the actual bed size.

How else would you tell the controller how big the bed or work area is?
Don’t exceed the bed size…

I believe Lightburn uses it to draw your work area.


Then why call it 'Max Travel?
In the example you posted, 511 x 344 is odd for a bed size, Set to 400 x 250 would tell the controller don’t travel more than this even though the bed size is actually 700 x 500.

When I first got my machine when the Max Travel was set to 700 x 500 the head was too far left so a 700 x 500 frame was not central to the bed. I reduced from 700 to 650 until such time as I got around to moving the homing switches. Now framing 700 x 500 is centralised over the bed.