Cutting bottom lines off several different files

I am having this issue with different files and on different materials. The bottom lines of the letters get cut off, it looks fine in preview. After I engrave and it’s missing those spots I go to preview and “start from here” and it will go back and get those spots. I have a TTS-55 and I will include pictures of all the settings. Thanks in advance!

This tells you it has nothing to do with either the patterns or the settings, so … what’s left is a mechanical problem with the machine. Typically, this will be a slightly loose screw securing a belt or attaching a pulley to a motor.

Although this guide is written for Sculpfun lasers, you’ll recognize all the bits & pieces:

The problem is likely in the Y axis, which has more hardware making it move, so pay careful attention to all the bits & pieces between the motor and the laser head.

Good hunting …

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