Cutting colored acrylic ortur laser master 2 pro

Has anyone had any luck with cutting colored acrylic other than black?

Diode lasers are really not good for cutting acrylic. Really need a CO2 for acrylic.

But i dont have a c02 laser. All i have is a jtech 14 watt diode laser. Does this mean im out of luck trying to cut the acrylic? Because all it does is snap crackle pop right now.

Black and other colors that absorb the blue light can be cut with a diode laser. But not likely to be as effortless as it is with a CO2 laser.

Instead of trying to cut through in a single shot you may want to try many light passes. That way you’re not dealing with the melting and distortion of the plastic. It will create a different effect than the polished edge the right settings with a CO2 laser can produce but it can be nice in its own way.

This is what t I have found. I have been able to cut acrylic black, red, green, orange, pink. The trick is not to us cast acrylic. You can if you make about 50 passes. Regular acrylic you can do with 19-22 passes.