Cutting depth, not cutting through?

I had a file that cut through perfectly. I have since upgraded to Lightburn V2 and the file is not cutting through. I cannot find the area to enter in the thickness of the material. Any ideas please?

I’m not following because we are working very hard to reach our V1 release (current public release is 0.09.14). Are you from the future? :wink:

Are you asking about this?

With a Ruida controller, you don’t need to enter the material thickness unless you have Z controls enabled, and are using absolute Z heights for things - this is pretty rare, as most people manually focus or auto-focus to set their Z height, and then not change the height during the job.

If your laser is not cutting through material, check to make sure you have Min & Max power both set appropriately, and if you are cutting slow, you likely want them both set the same, or very close to it.

You haven’t mentioned what material, what thickness, what wattage of machine, or what speed you’re cutting - those would be useful details that would let us give more specific suggestions. For example, if you’re cutting ply or MDF, different brands (or even different batches) can have variations in moisture, glue, thickness, void fillers, and more, all of which can make one job work and the next one fail.

Yes, my apologies, the Version on my laptop calls is V2. I have found it.

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