Cutting in wrong place

Here is my issue. I cut a “cow” file with no problem. Cut several more things just fine. Went back to cut the cow and kept getting a failed data or machine is busy error. Then tried a different files and it cut fine. Went back to the cow file and it started cutting but not in the right place and it kept going back and forth over the same line in the design and would not move on. I had the image placed close to the home position and it was cutting in the lower left corner. I thought maybe for some reason the design got corrupted (why tho?) I was able to cut a few more designs no problem. Then I tried another file and it also started cutting in the wrong place. (also the same place as the cow) I dont know anything about computers but here is some info I think you might want to know. I am using Ruida 644xg, windows 7 (maybe and dont know how to figure that out) ((insert eye roll and yes Im old!)) using a cable and designing in Inkscape on my desktop. Clear as mud? For me too! Thanks so much for any help you can give. Im in a world of hurt if I cant get this order out ASAP

Here is our documentation on how and when you set the ‘Job Origin’ to define the start location of the job. Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

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