Cutting inverse of computer image

Ok, I asked about this a while back and received some help, but it turned out not to be a solution( I think).
Most of the time it does not matter because I am just cutting out parts. I was cutting a file with some engraved text and it was either upside down or backward. I know I can highlight all of file and hit H or V to flip it the way I want, but I don’t want to do that each time I use computer.
OK, I am not sure I have my home position correct so I am going to work on that tomorrow. What else do I have to set so it cuts the right orientation each time?
Thanks in advance.

Changing your machine origin in LB is what usually fixes this. If you’re doing rotary stuff, you can always flip the rotary around too.

Sorry, Blake, I forgot to respond. Yes changing the home position fixed it.

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