Cutting Issues on everything

Is there a link to or document that I can read over to trouble shoot my cutting problem? I have a 100w Chinese red and Black Machine with a Ruida Controller. The LightBurn Software is awesome. I can scan and burn onto wood but not able to cut through 1/32" birch. I have tried every speed from 100 to 400 and every power from 25 to 70. I have checked my focal point and raised and lowered it. But nothing is helping.

Any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


Try going even slower.

You will need to slow down. Also make sure your focus is set. Do a ramp test. (Google for instructions on how to do it.) My gut feeling is that you are not focused correctly and going too fast.

Problem Solved!!! Cleaned the Lens!! It had not been cleaned and then I took the other advice about slowing the speed. Thank you Anthony & Garrett for your response!

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