Cutting issues with new laser

I am new to this, 60w orion laser, attempted my first cutting, small squares.
I am using a masonite type board, 1/8", purchased from Home Depot, white acrylic finish one side (which I placed on the bottom).
started out at 50% power, 10 mm/sec. didn’t work.
at 80% power and 7mm/sec I made the first cut. played with the settings a little and made 7 other successful cuts.
all in all not terribly impressed with the results. heavy burn marks on the surface adjacent to the cuts and I thought the cutting would be faster and with less power.
I then created an odd shape to see what would happen and made several unsuccessful cuts, again changing settings at each attempt. my last attempt was at 100% power at 5mm/sec.
I tried cutting circles with no success. went back to the squares and failed to make any cuts at all.
please help!

another problem.
I began testing my laser with a 100 dpi black/white photo at greyscale.
I engraved on a piece of 14" birch ply. played with many settings.
Made 20 samples. Today I cannot load the same file.
do not understand the issue.

Masonite is hard to cut, it’s pretty dense and full of glue. If you was to practice, try 1/8 luan or something. every material will be different. If you have a plastics supply near by, see if you can get some scrap Acylic ( not polycarbonate ) and cut it, Acylic cuts well.

If you are trying to do 3D engraving with the grayscale, plywood is not the best, each layer is a different density, not going to get good results. If you are trying to etch a photo, use one of the dithered modes. CO2 lasers don’t give shading ( the range is very narrow ) with grayscale.

As far as transfers stopping, did you pause the laser or something. I have this happen once in a blue moon, I just reset the controller.

Thanks for the advice, Joel, especially paragraph 2. Appreciate it. Fish

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