Cutting line size issue

This is what I am seeing as well, but the “higher watt” is not the case. This is true with all diode-based lasers.


Figure 1: The structure of a laser diode causes the elliptical beam shape typically associated with laser diodes.

And another…


Laser Diode Fundamentals: Beam Properties

Whether a diode laser is a traditional monolithic design or utilizes an external cavity configuration, the laser light must still propagate through the diode’s PN-junction via a ridge waveguide. As a result, the beam profile of edge emitting diodes is unique when compared to all laser sources because of the asymmetric geometry of this optical cavity. This issue often leads to confusion about how to properly integrate open beam laser diodes into your system, so to help this blog aims to elaborate on the information provided in our Lasers 101 section by explaining the physical principles. We will start by briefly reviewing PN-junctions, and then we will explore the role of the ridge waveguide. Finally, we will conclude with an overview of common optical tricks for dealing with asymmetric laser beams.