Cutting lines for flex box

I have cutom made laser 25x35 cm 5.5w diode laser with arduino.
When i cut line for flexbox i need 4 pass to cut 3mm plywood (with air assist)
Is there an option in the ligtburn when passing one line to not return to the beginning of that same line and again from the beginning but to burn the laser again and cut it back on that line and reduce the empty move?


LightBurn provides several ways to control the order of your cuts. Have a look at this post for a good explanation of ‘Optimization Settings’.

I wached video. In video is when you cut in one pass but i cut in multi passes

We are not able to clearly understand what you are wanting. Could you shoot a video of what it is doing now (please upload to YouTube or other video sharing service and provide the link here) and then try to explain again what you want to be different from what we see in your video?

If you cut a single line (or open shape) using multiple passes, LightBurn generates the additional passes identical to the first, meaning it will do a G0 move back to the start, then re-run the line, rather than going back over the line in reverse, eliminating the G0 move.

I could make this an option, but I’d rather not make it the default, as some users already complain about the multi-pass mode causing too much heat buildup - They want it to do the first pass over the entire layer, then go back and do the second, and so on. This is a compromise between those two.

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That would be great if you make that an option.

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