Cutting Mulitple Shapes out of a Single Image

Hey there everyone, I’m currently doing a design where I overlap a peace sign with a mandala then cut the inner ‘windows’ of the peace sign out - I thought it would make sense to use the ‘cut shapes’ tool to cut the peace sign ‘windows’ out of the mandala image since these are just going to be thrown away anyways and it would probably save some engraving time.
Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out a way to cut more than one ‘window’ out at a time, cut shape works fine on the first cut, then deletes the entire image on the second. It also seems that grouping and selecting multiple ‘windows’ doesn’t work either.
Is there maybe an easier way to achieve what I’m going for? I’m sure I could do this in photoshop but it’d be a lot easier in lightburn. Any help greatly appreciated!

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