Cutting Multiple Discs on a 9 x 11 Page

I would like to cut discs with a sticky backing applied to the back. The discs are 1/2 inch outer kiss cut diameter and an inner circle 1/8 inch diameter cut through circle. On this page I can fit 270 discs.
My question is: Is there a way to finish one disc at a time ? Cutting the inside circle then the outer circle and then moving to do the same cutting order on each disc after that. I know it could be done by layering them but I think that would amount to be 540 lines of layers ? Is there a short cut to do this function to complete one disc at a time and fill the page with 270 discs ?

I offer this workflow…

Then, adjust the cut ‘Optimization Settings’ and turn ‘Cut inner shapes first’ Off (red).

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Very nice workflow @Rick.

It may be helpful to explain why turning off cut optimization works for this instance. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but as I understand it, with cut optimization off the software cuts in the order items were drawn.

I did not turn off “cut optimization”. I turned off one of the optimization options, the optimization that cuts all inside shapes first. Many times, this is used to ensure things don’t fall out or move prior to other cutting that is part of the job. For this case, the OP wants each individual “donut” shape to completely cut prior to moving to the next.

I offer this video to explain how the cut planner works and how you can utilize the optimization settings to assist in job planning and production.

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Hi Rick,
Thank you very much for all the info you have supplied and your time. I got it to cut multiple discs on the sheets like I want to do. I figured there was a way to do it but I am new to using the software. I needed some direction and you came through ! Thanks again for very helpful instructions !

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Ah, thanks @Rick . I guess I read it as what I was thinking in my head. My fault. (My wife says I have selective hearing, but I guess I have selective reading too).

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