Cutting not aligned to Image

Hello folks,

I’ve come across a problem and I’m hoping you guys can help. I will begin by saying that I am completely new to using the software and Emblaser laser, so it’s probably something i’m doing wrong and not the softwares fault.

I’ve been making some Place cards invitations and Lightburn and the Emblaser2 have been working really well. Recently, I noticed that the cuts were not going all the way through the paper, so I followed the instructions on cleaning the lens and it worked really well, the downside to this however, is that since I cleaned the laser, it seems to be cutting a lot faster and with less power required. Which necessitated that I go in and change the power settings for the Scans, Cuts and Imagings. Ever since I did this, the laser is not cutting at the appropriate locations, it gets close, but not quite there. I will post some pictures so you can see what I’m talking about.

Deviation 1

Deviation 2

I would suggest contacting Darkly Labs with this - they know their hardware very well, and can likely help you diagnose / correct this faster than I could, though I’d be curious to hear the outcome. Post this same question on their forum and tag me in it so I can follow.