Cutting not correct. no problems with RdWorks

Hello everyone.

If i sent a laser cutting job to Lightburn 0.9.23 from CorelDraw the laser cut result isn’t good.
Some holes are good and some have a really strange shape.
On the UI in Lightburn the strange shapes are not visible, and in the preview everything looks normal.



I have al my files in Corel so draw them again in Lightburn is not an option.

If i sent the same Job to RDworks there are no problems with the cutting results.


Hope someone can help me. I hope i can switch to Lightburn.

Is there a reason you’re using such an old version of LightBurn if you’re not an existing user? I don’t think that’s necessarily the cause of what you’re seeing but there’s really no good reason to be using such an old version if newer ones are an option for you.

Can you share the .lbrn file and the rdworks file used to generate the tests? You may need to add a .txt extension to the rdworks file in order for it to be uploadable to the forum.

Also, can you confirm what control panel showed after you burned the shapes? Do they show a proper circle or does the panel reflect the odd shape burned?

At first glance this looks like a communication issue but don’t see why this would only happen with LightBurn and not RDWorks. Can you confirm the connection to the laser is the same irrespective of program used?

Hello and thank you for your replay.

I don’t update because i’m not allowed.
I ordered the software in 4-2021. but then i also had this problem so i din;t use it anymore.

The connection was exactly the same USB.

i didn’t save the file because i always sent the file to the controller ad cut directly.
But now when i cut the same file the there is no problem. Really strange

I will keep an eye on it and use Lightburn more if it happens again i will save the file and upload.

Oh wow. That’s a shame. You should be able to upgrade to a newer version released up to April 2022. This would be 1.1.04 or 1.1.03 depending on when in April your license was good to.

LightBurn 1.1.01 to 1.1.04 - Patch releases to address issues with 1.1 – LightBurn Software

Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment (

Okay. If it’s working now it really does seem like a communication issue of some kind.

Now it when i cut it multiply times it going wrong.
i sent the file every time to the laser and see what happens.
i stop the processes if it is further then where the error is.
Then move the sheet and sent i again to he laser.



If it went wrong and i don’t sent the program to te laser gain but pres start the same fault shows up Pictures are rotated.

So it looks like the problem is there when sensing the program to the laser.
On the screen i cannot see the problem

But it is to small to see it for 100%

Try this. Take the existing design that you say is repeating the problem when you press start. Then push “Save RD file” in Laser window and save to a file. Copy that file to a USB drive.

Connect USB drive to controller and run file from there. Does the issue remain or does it go away?

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