Cutting off part of my words from a jpeg

Hello, not sure why this is happening. When I import a image to light burn, it’s cutting off the very top part of the image, sometimes it’s just a very small amount, and sometimes it’s a larger amount like this picture. Then when I rotate my image 90 it cuts more off on the top end that is now at the top.

Sometimes it’ll show with a red X as well. That’s what makes me think it’s something about being out of boundary or something.

I tried importing directly from Corel draw, as well as I saved it on my desktop as a JPEG and then open in like burn and it still happens.

I’m using light burn 9.06
Bosslaser 1420 65 watt with Ruidab645XS.

The red X (probably just a + shape) is the simulation cursor, showing you the position of the laser at the end of the job.

Another user has reported this as well, and says it only happens after rotating 90 degrees, but doesn’t happen otherwise. I’m looking into it.

Ok thanks.

Before I rotated the image, It did show a very small amount at the very top of one of my letters missing with X, but then when I rotated it, as you can see it got a lot larger.

This image was much smaller than the are available to cut.
I have 20 cups to complete this week, so hopefully its not going to be a big issue.


As a temporary fix, if you exported the image with a small amount of empty space around the design, that would get you going for now. I will look into what’s happening and work on fixing it, but this would mean you could continue working while that happens.

I did try that as well, and didn’t seem to help.
I will try again adding a larger empty space around the image and see if that does anything. Thanks

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