Cutting printed materials

I have a couple wide format printers, and A large flat bed laser. The camera just doesn’t work for a laser my size. I’ve bought several different recommended cameras, scaled the calibration images, etc… just no dice… It’ll get sort of close, but not accurate enough to use…

So, with that being said… What’s the usual technique for cutting a file that was printed on another machine? How do you get it all lined up? on my CNC, I’ll print extra dots, use them to align, then cut the file. I’m just kind of confused here… I’ve not been able to get it to work well, unless I print an AI file, then import the same file… Even then, Getting it lined up is next to impossible for me.



You could potentially cut a jig on the laser to insert the work piece into. Keep absolute coordinates throughout.

If you have a red-dot pointer, printing the original with a pair of crosshairs could work.

Jog the laser to the crosshairs on the object, then use “Get Laser Position” in LightBurn with “Show Last Position” to show that location in the workspace. Drag the imported file to line up that crosshair with the position of the laser. Then jog to the next printed point, and repeat the process - the 2nd one would be tricky, because you need to leave the first point in place.

I’m planning on having a “two point rotate” function to help do this more quickly, but that’s for a future release.

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Ah! Now that’s a thought! Good thinking man!!!

Just print a box around the artboard on whatever you’re printing on the wide format printer. Then pick your 0/0 point on the laser and align it to the corner of the box of the printed item. We just did a bunch of cuts this way and it worked perfectly.