Cutting problems in geometric figures

Hello friends, I have the following problem with my ortur master 3, when cutting geometric shapes or even making circles it does not cut symmetrically.

  • Already perform the belt tensioning
  • The assembly and disassembly of the bands was carried out
    and still it is not solved, what could it be!!! PLEASE HELP

Make sure rotary is not enabled.

The rotary is deactivated. but the problem continues

You need to check and tighten all set screws on motor drive pulleys.

I’m going to disassemble and put it back together. but what will be the problem x or y axis?

Not sure. Just tighten all set screws on motor pulleys and check for any looseness frame etc.

Thanks for the support. I will carry out the assembly and take into account the points mentioned.

This indicates you want to just fix the problem on the one axis. If one axis is loose, is it not possible the other is almost loose as well? Check everything.

My new machine gave a similar pattern. A 100mm circle done in the front-left area was bad, but one done in the right-rear quadrant was perfect! I thought, and others did too, the Yaxis was loose, but it turned out to be the Xaxis instead. Which axis is bad would only be a guess of little value.

Thank you very much, today I will try to provide a solution because I am struggling with this

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