Cutting Question

I want to cut out of chipboard dividers for sorting things in boxes. Is there a way to make the vertical lines a bit thicker to insert card boards?


Luci, you draw a square with the width that your cardboard material has and place it where it should be, then use Boolean difference afterwards. I have made many boxes this way.

Just got back to doing this. I Googled the Boolean difference and couldn’t find what is meant by that. Is there a link to a tutorial for this? OMG, found my answer with this tutorial: LightBurn Demo - Booleans - YouTube. Lucie.

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That’s fine to hear. Have you seen the new Boolean Assistant in LightBurn ver. 1? - it’s just so good.

I have not. I just downloaded LightBurn ver. 1 and will be sure to check it out. Thanks, Lucie.