Cutting rectangle in balsa wood

Here is a quick video of what I mean!

This is the same file I submitted above. Also I updated the device firmware to V 1.4

Give this a try Ralph and thank you!

Based on everything I have seen here it looks like Lightburn is working properly. I am thinking it’s either not speaking the same G-code commands your laser wants to see (setup issue) or there is some other communication issue between Lightburn and the Laser. I would go over the setup again (also ask Lightburn support if it’s compatible with that particular laser or if there is something in setup that needs to be changed). I use CO2 lasers with a Ruida controller so this issue is not really my area of expertise.

This sounds similar to a problem I had. Before you start the cutting and engraving, select everything by clicking lower right and moving to top left, that will select all and their reference to each other, so should work as you hoped.

Is it not just an small rectangle accidentally drawn in by mistake and not deleted.

Do you have Tabs and Bridges or Perforation Mode turned on in your layer settings?

Not the kind of statement that would motivate folks to help you. Lightburn is the best software on the market, and does incredible things when you learn it.

You may need to open a ticket with the nice folks at Ortur Support.

That was an extremely rude remark (RTFM?!)!!! People are trying to help you WITHOUT being seated in front of your laser machine or computer!!! Be grateful that people are spending THEIR VALUABLE time to be helpful to YOU!!!

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That’s really worth looking at. I do most of my design work in Inkscape and had the same problem. It took a lot of time troubleshooting the design but I finally found the wayward shape buried under another shape with no colors assigned. LightBurn still saw all the shapes and cut every one of them because I assigned LB layers after the import.

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