Cutting result is different to the program

Hello, I have a strange problème : the cutting result is different of the program juste for this letter.
For the previous and follow letter all is good, There is a strange movement on X and Y axis !
have you got a idea in attachement : a scren photo, a cutting photo and the file
Thank you
Merry Chrismas and keep care !

problem file.lbrn (399.5 KB)

Seems like you reached the end of your x-axis but your drawing is bigger. Other words: It seems like your drawing is bigger than your machine can make…

Thank you for your feedback but I have many centimeters before the end of X axis

@LightBurn hello, I’m sorry to disturb you, But have you got an idea ?
Thank you

Are all screws tight? With no resistance it’s working well in that case, but when it reaches a point that has more resistance it will slip…So the ax keeps moving, but doesn’t take the construction with it.

Hello Is not a mechnical problem, the next letter was not problem and is position was good

Okee… Good luck then

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That looks like either the stepper motor stalled (somewhat unlikely) or a communication issue of some kind. How are you connected to the machine?

Hello, Thank you for your answer @LightBurn Don’t think that’s motor was stalled , because the next letter was good and at the correct place.
I use an USB cable, Do you think that’s could cause a "program modification ?

Thank you

It’s possible - the USB cables supplied with the machines tend not to be very good, and sometimes the short extension wire that connects the port on the side of the machine to the controller on the inside goes bad too. A different cable could help.

Thank you I will create a local networks to try And I will give you news

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