Cutting result is different to the program

Hello, I have a strange problème : the cutting result is different of the program juste for this letter.
For the previous and follow letter all is good, There is a strange movement on X and Y axis !
have you got a idea in attachement : a scren photo, a cutting photo and the file
Thank you
Merry Chrismas and keep care !

problem file.lbrn (399.5 KB)

Seems like you reached the end of your x-axis but your drawing is bigger. Other words: It seems like your drawing is bigger than your machine can make…

Thank you for your feedback but I have many centimeters before the end of X axis

@LightBurn hello, I’m sorry to disturb you, But have you got an idea ?
Thank you

Are all screws tight? With no resistance it’s working well in that case, but when it reaches a point that has more resistance it will slip…So the ax keeps moving, but doesn’t take the construction with it.

Hello Is not a mechnical problem, the next letter was not problem and is position was good

Okee… Good luck then

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That looks like either the stepper motor stalled (somewhat unlikely) or a communication issue of some kind. How are you connected to the machine?