Cutting same piece without moving anything

I tried to do a keytag , after 3 passes for cut it did not cut through, I did not move the piece of wood . after the 3rd pass the laser went home. So I clicked on the output off for the image, so I can just do some more cut passes

, but it did not line up as the picture indicated. it should line up back as I did not move anything. Please give me a lesson on what I did wrong and how to correct it. Thank you.

Did you home before starting the project? Looks like it had 2 different ideas of where home was. Both your X and Y shifted.

Depending on your setup it’s entirely possible you did everything “correctly” and still got misalignment. In most cases, homing will not get you back to an exact position. Different variables affect how much variation you can get in position but this amount of variation isn’t entirely unusual.

I suggest you run a few tests with homing cycles between passes to see how accurately it homes.

Other things that could affect lost steps:

  1. You’re running too fast and the motors are losing steps
  2. Belts are loose and you lost steps
  3. Your laser is at an angle and laser head is moving while at rest
  4. If you ever touched the laser head by hand then you’d lost step count
  5. You’re overtensioned either on the wheels or belt and this causes a springing action when motor power is removed
  6. Your laser head or wheels got snagged om something while in motion… debris, cords got tangled, etc.

Basically anything that could causing skipping would be a candidate for this.

What did you try to do? Is it a keychain?

Yes, it is

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