Cutting script font from 1/4" birch

I am trying to cut a word from 1/4" birch and my only option on lightburn when I get the file ready is – line, fill, line & fill. No cut option. Any suggestions? What settings on power and speed are recommended for cutting like this? We have a 60 watt Ruida. Thanks!!

Line is cut if you turn up the power and go slow enough. Depending on your air assist and lens, 80% power, 10mm/s.

I read that the max power for our machine was 50%?

Where? You should be able to control and access the entire range of power provided by your setup. You may be reading suggestions that one keeps below the max power output to extend the life of your CO2 tube, but that is a separate and distinct consideration.

When we ran it at 40% with speed of 100mm/s when I chose fill on the design it was engraving 1/4" approx on a 3/4" piece of pine. So today I was going to try and actually cut a design from 1/4" birch so created my design as “line”- but it isn’t even nicking the wood. I tried turning down the speed and no change. Yes, I think it was some posts that suggested not running it at max power for extending the tube life. Seeing how deep it engraved yesterday on 3/4" wood it would be cutting thru the 1/4" – so should I have the design done as “fill” or line & fill?

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If you are wanting to engrave, use ‘Fill’.

If you’d like to mark or cut along a path, set the layer to ‘Line’. Marking is just done at lower power setting. Cutting is done by turning the power up.

If you want to do both engraving and then cut out this engraving in some shape, use ‘Fill+Line’.

Ok, thank you. Appreciate the help!

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