Cutting Shapes - Corners not joining?

I have a Ruida 100W and have been getting this problem cutting 12mm M/R MDF and on 22mm Pine.

Can anyone please tell me what to change as I have searched and can not find the solution?

It could be that your min.power is set too low


Seconding’s advice. You can read more about this behavior here:

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Thank you guys, this has fixed it and the reason I kept lowering the power was I was trying to get rid of the charring on the edges but seems like we will have to live with it?

If you’re getting charring on the edges you can try and run multiple passes, decrease your cut power, or increase your air blast.

Multiple passes makes it worse and the air up all the way. I appreciate the input as it is always welcome.

What is peoples general take on cutting? Mine would ideally be to cut as fast as possible and therefore I need to up the power but never got it working well enough without charring the edges to death.

I can’t cut as thick materials as you do with your 100 Watt, but the principle is the same. I take some time to find the perfect mine. power setting so that it burns through but does not make marks and uses this method for all materials and thicknesses. I am not bothered by burns on the front side.
It’s great that we could help you. Please mark the correct answer as the solution to the problem, it will help others.

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Are you using MDF specifically made for lasering? If not it’s probably using formaldehyde glue, which, while burning black and dirty, is also pretty unsafe to be breathing. Even if it’s using PVA or similar in manufacturing you still won’t get a clean cut as it blocks a lot of the light and burns dirty too.

Look for laser-safe MDF (it uses melamine glue).

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