Cutting shapes too high

When I send a shape to be cut, it cuts
the shape the right width but way too high
I am using a 3018 pro grbl. Has been working
Okay til now

You are going to need to help us a bit more here. What does the mean, exactly? Pictures and examples are helpful, setting information is even better. :slight_smile:

Do you mean too tall? As in, stretched out vertically? Do you have the rotary enable switched on? If not, check in Edit > Machine Settings, and make sure the X and Y axis “steps per mm” values are the same. You can also type $$ into the console window and press enter, and check the $100 and $101 values. They’re the steps-per-mm settings for each axis, and should be the same number.

G day Rick, I am using 3018 pro grbl , windows 10 laptop ,latest version of lightburn .An example of the problem, if I draw a square adjust the size to 30x30 mm send it to engrave or cut and I end up with a rectangle 30 w by 90 h mm.
It has been working Okay til now. I have just updated to the latest version of lightburn. I am still a newbie,had the paid version for about a month

Take a review of the post below to ensure you are configured correctly. Once confirmed, let us know what your results are running this 30mm x 30mm test again and we can go from there.

Hi Rick I checked the $32 setting, it is set to true.
I tried the 30x 30mm square it cut 30mm w x 70mm h
I rotated the square 90 degrees and it still cut 30w x 70h
I think the problem may have started when I updated to the latest version of lightburn as I have made quite a few successful projects before.
Would I be able to change back to previous version of lightburn and try again

I can assure you this is not an update problem. Go to Tools > Rotary Setup and make sure you do not have the ‘Enable Rotary’ switch on. Then look in Edit > Machine Settings and make sure that the X and Y axis steps per mm values are the same.

Thanks for your assistance "enable rotary "was on
Its working good now.

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