Cutting speed changes when saved as gcode

I’m trying to do a single layer cut and no matter what I do the cutting speed increases when I save the gcode to a sd card. I set the spd/pwr to 275/100 in the software and it’s not cutting all the way through. When I open the gcode with LightBurn the settings have changed to 420/100. Thanks in advance for any help!

Can you upload a .lbrn file where this is occurring?

part2.lbrn2 (48.0 KB)

I can’t reproduce what you’re describing. I can see the 275 mm/min in both LightBurn and the generated g-code.

; Cut @ 275 mm/min, 100% power
G0 X10.87Y-19.427
; Layer C01
G1 X0.398Y0.096S1000F275

Where are you seeing the discrepancy come in? Can you upload the g-code that’s getting generated?

I set the speed to 270 and it’s working fine now so some kind of fluke? Thanks for you help, I appreciate it!

Glad to hear it. It’s likely not a fluke but perhaps something missed or has changed without being noticed.

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