Cutting tabs for objects that can fall out

The option to add perhaps tabs such as in the cnc software will be a good feature to add.

So on multiple passes the on the last or second last pass the laser just switches off for 0.5mm or so on the same spor around the object to keep it from falling out of the stock piece.


These are known as “bridges” and has been suggested before on our official Feature Request site here. Feel free to add your vote as well.

For now, Perforation mode works reasonably well for this until we get proper bridges implemented. It does not affect the source art, or inner/outer shape sorting. Set a long “cut” and a short “skip” value, like 100mm / 0.5mm, and it’ll skip 0.5mm for every 100mm of cut. It’s also smart enough to make sure that if the shape is shorter than your cut length, it does the bridge first, so you always get at least one.


im sorry but this way of doing it sucks… you should be able to tell the software the size of the tab you want to use, and just click on the part to add the tab. i know it will never be as advanced as say P.E.P does it. but the way vcarve pro does it shouldn’t be hard to add for a master like Oz.

Thanks for the feedback but this is not an issue of hard, it is an issue of timing. We have other things that have had higher priority, but it will happen.

Did you place a vote on our Feature Site @TrueLinePrecision? This is how we track interest to help with prioritizing our activities.

What is true line precision?
I thought you voted at fider?

The username of the person asking

OK the link is formatted now with the @ symbol, originally I saw it as a full URL and got confused (Not hard to do…lol)

@Rick yes ages ago

@Grumpy_Old_Man yes not hard to do for Oz… he is the wizard.

Even wizards have only so much time in the day :wink:
And it’s a harder problem that it sounds. Totally doable, of course… I use a similar feature in Fusion 360 for CNC stuff all the time. But it is a complex issue to get right… especially when it’s just one wizard and the occasional wizard’s apprentice like myself working on the code :wink: