CW-5200 temp difference setting question

Hey guys,

Just setup a CW-5200 chiller for an 80W OmTech laser. The current settings are 18C in manual control mode

I left the temp difference setting at the factory default of +/- 2C. So the chiller should turn on at 20C and off at 16C which seems to be happening.

Question - is that temp difference OK to have the laser tube fluctuate the 4 degrees? I saw one guy on YouTube put his at .5C difference - which seems like the chiller compressor would be turning on/off a lot.

Just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this


I would think you’d be ok… People run these for short periods with no water flow and abuse them in many ways…

Mine was lowered to 18C and it varies a couple degrees… It was set for 25C…


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Thank you!

I also was reading that you wired your chiller alarm output to WP1 on the Ruida controller. Did you have to do anything in the programing to get the alarm to work right after wiring?

Have a good one

If you have water protect wired to the Ruida, then you only have to put in the connectors for the chiller…

If your water protect is via the P terminal of the lps, then you have to enable the Ruida water protection setting in Edit → Machine Settings.


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