Cycle Complete (Notification Sound)

Is there a notification sound that can be switched on to indicate the cycle has ended?
It’s good to be pottering around in the shed while the laser is chugging away and an audible sound that the cycle has completed when your back is turned would be useful.

LightBurn will not produce features that could be considered promoting remote monitoring laser activities. This will not happen. We have seen too many posts titled “…but I only had to pee!” or …“I only had my back turned for a sec.” which include pictures of house and laser fires.

Thanks Rick,
Yeah, I can appreciate that.

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This is clear.

But could you implement a notification sound if the sending from LB to the controller failed?
Often I hit send and when I came to the machine to frame it it was confusing.

Back to the PC I have seen a notice that the transfer failed and it was framing the previous job.

This seems reasonably (and pretty easy). I’ll have to put it on a switch so it doesn’t drive people crazy, but I can do this.

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