Cylinder correction tool

Hi, I would like to know how to activate the cylinder correction tool. I enabled this feature in the LB general settings but I don’t see any icon in the main window, and neither I see any “Cylinder correction setup” under the tools tab. I tried also to close LB and re-open it again, but no way. Can anybody help me in this? Thank you

I used to use a CO2 with DSP board. That software had a calculation on pulses/mm so you could calculate the steps according to the diameter of the item being lasered. I can’t find this on Lightburn. Possibly it’s not required and instead they are using the diameter of the roller. This way, it doesn’t matter the diameter of the object.

I used to place some masking tape on the item being lasered and just burn a little 20X20 box and then measure the actual length. I could then go to the calculator and put the actual length and it would then give me the proper pulses/mm number.

I haven’t received my rotary tool yet, so I can’t confirm anything until I can try it. If needed, you can always setup a calculation in a spreadsheet to automatically give you the number you are looking for.

Thank you for your reply. Originally I had thought something similar, but afterwards, going through the LB software documentation, I found out that LB has this algorithm inside, pls see picture below
I just would like to know how, maybe from someone of the LB developers; how to activate it

From what I read, Cylinder correction is used when you want to laser a cylindrical object without using a rotary tool.

Exactly, but there are some limits for its use. As far as I understand, it’s a good solution only for small images to be engraved because during the engraving, the focus distance from the laser to the item you want to engrave is changing, and this might create fuzzy images. The only solution that makes the images theoretically perfect is the rotary tool, but for my needs the software solution would be ok.

The Mirror Distance (mm) box leads me to believe that this is for the Galvanometer lasers. This Dialogue box can not be enabled in GRBL or DSP ( Ruida or Trocen).

May I ask how/where you found this image?

Thanks for your inquiry. The ‘Cylinder Correction’ tool has not been released as yet. We have it enabled for those beta testing our upcoming Galvo version, and do have some information in our early documentation for this version. :slight_smile:

To Rick: thank you for your answer. I’m looking forward to seeing this feature implemented in LB
To JohnJohn: Rick has answered my question. Anyhow, for your information I got this image from the LB software documentation. Here is the link to that: Cylinder Correction Marking - LightBurn Software Documentation

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