Częste myślenie programu (Thinking the program frequently)

Witam od dłuższego czasu mam taki problem robię projekt w programie i nagle zawieszka i długie myślenie programu? Pomocy wcześniej tego nie miałem

Hello, I have had such a problem for a long time, I’m doing a project in the program and suddenly a hang and a long thinking about the program? I didn’t have this help before

When does this occur? Are you perhaps using a Filled view style? This can be much slower if you’re working with a very complex design.

Please upload a sample file if this is specific to a file.

Nie no czasami to tylko np. kilka rzeczy

No, sometimes it’s just a few things, for example

A co to jest ten widok wypełniony, a jaki najlepszy

And what is this full view, and what is the best view

I myśli myśli od dłuższego czasu

I think thoughts for a long time

There is no best. Just better for performance or worse for performance. Try Wireframe mode if you are currently on Filled mode.


mam gładki szkieletowy

I have a smooth skeleton

Do you have “model wzpełniony” or “model szkieletowy”? If you are using “model wzpełniony” you may want to use “model szkieletowy”. Either smooth or coarse. Coarse is faster but uglier.

i znowu chwila pracy i myśli myśli… Już mam dość… świerzo zainstalowany na nowym kompie …Myślałem że stary nie wyrabia a tu to samo

and again, a moment of work and thoughts of thoughts … I have enough … freshly installed on the new computer … I thought that the old one is not working, and here is the same

What you’re seeing is very unusual. LightBurn is normally quite fast. Load times for a file are typically under 1 second.

The file you’ve shown looks quite complex and may have a lot of small lines. Can you upload the file here for review?

Do you have these performance issues with a new document?

nie praktycznie w każdym projekcie

not practically in every project

Easter Bunny.dxf (940.1 KB)

That file loaded for me in 1252 ms. I’m not having any issues with pauses.

I’m suspecting you might have an environmental issue in this case.

co to znaczy problem środowiskowy?

what is an environmental problem?

Something to do with your Windows environment. Not something to do with the application.

To nie możliwe bo na 2 komputerach jest to samo

It is not possible because it is the same on 2 computers

In that case very strange. But it’s possible that there’s something installed on both computers that’s causing the issue. Or something common to both.

Can you try running in safe mode and see if you get this problem?

What are the 2 types of computers? What OS version? Memory size? Are you using a normal local disk?

I can say I’ve run LightBurn on a 2013 Macbook Pro with 8 GB of memory with no issue. Others are using this on Atom based tablet computers in Linux with fine performance. LB is a fairly light and fast program. You should not be getting this type of performance.

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