Da Big Gimp Plugin Something not correct

I followed all the steps to remove the background from my picture, flattened and exported the image and I find some of the background was still present when I imported it into Lightburn. Also there seems to be a ‘Halo’ around my model, Can someone help please ?

Can we attach images to these messages ?

LightBurn has nothing to do with that plugin, I would ask the creator of that plugin fo help on their Facebook page.

You can upload images with this button:

That said, Anthony is correct - we didn’t write that plugin, so if the issues are on the plugin side, you’d need to speak to the author of it. LightBurn will import transparency correctly if you save an image as a 32 bit PNG file.

Many thanks, I didn’t mean to offend!
Lightburn is a great piece of software… That’s why I purchased it.
All I need is a link to the Author of Da Big Gimpin.


I was under the impression this is a pay to use add-on. If so, I would expect contact information would be with the receipt.

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Link to plug-in site: https://infinitelaser.us/product/da-big-gimping-plug-in-process-for-gimp/