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Hi All,
I just downloaded DA Photoshop Scripts which I intend to use with Lightburn. I am really struggling. I think it is properly installed on Photoshop.
I exported an image and can not get it to send to my machine, It gets stuck at 40% and won’t send. I have heard of some proccessor or something available from Lightburn?
Someone please advise.
James Davis
Laser Mafia

The most common problem I see with these is people using Pass-through mode and then rotating the image. Pass-through means “do not resample this”, but rotation of an image requires it.

The next version of LightBurn finally gets the last couple bugs out of the code that was added to handle the specific case of rotating 90 degrees with pass-through enabled, which can technically be done without resampling, but is still a special case.

The next release of LightBurn also includes edge enhancement (unsharp mask) which is most of what the Magic scripts are doing, and should reduce or remove the need to use them.


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