Dark bar on right and left of engraving

I have tried with several different images and am having this terrible issue where the laser burns a dark band or bar down the left of the photo and an equal band down the right of side of the photo. Online help thought it might have been a border in the image, but there is none. The same image in laser box burned without the these lines. Help would be greatly appreciated.

This is almost certainly something in your design or in the image.

Do the bars appear in the Preview?

They don’t appear in the preview. The preview, however is difficult to see because the image is grayscale which makes the preview all red. I had to do a screen shot, open it in gimp and adjust it to see for certain that the dark bars are not there.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 122659
This was the preview.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 122659mod
This is the adjusted preview.

I tried turning off the bi-directional scan/burn, thinking maybe it was something happening in the direction change. I also rolled my software back to version 1.2.00 because my antivirus program freaked out every time I tried to use it and because I didn’t have the bar issue before the update. The bars were a little less visible, but I don’t know if it was the roll back or the deactivation of the bi-directional scan that helped. Also the preview was very different. The bars are there but less noticeable.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 171300

There’s something going on with the image given that the edges are not square.

As you say, the Preview doesn’t appear to show the artifact that you’re seeing.

Bi-direction scanning could result in darker left and right edges especially if you’re not using overscan but it wouldn’t look like what you have. Not full vertical bars. They would appear as dark edges at the extremes with a rapid transition.

I think what’s telling is that the Preview is very different. Are you comparing like for like? Were they both Jarvis with the same adjustments?

They were the same image with all of the same settings except the bi-directional scan.

Just on a whim, I set it to pass through mode. Just run the picture without processing it in any way. The border on the left was gone completely and the border on the right was minimal and only in the dark areas of the picture. The white areas had no bar at all.

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