Dark not dark enough

So I’ve been able to do some awesome engravings but I haven’t been able to get my engravings as contrasting as the preview. I have a jtech super 7 watt on an x carve. I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. I’m not saying it won’t get dark but it seems as if there’s a limit to dark the dark shades get. At first i thought it might just be how hard maple plywood just burns but I’ve seen engravings with my same setup on birch plywood which is basically the same density.
The first picture is almost exactly how the preview looks only the finish result, the darks only go so dark and anything after that just ends up being the same shade. I ran this @ 102ipms, 100%power and 185 lines per inch on greyscale.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest either go slower or run it 2 times. Try it out first on a piece of scrap material. Your probably going to end up with a deeper etch but it should also be a little darker.

a bit out of focus helps but maybe not good with photos

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