Dark side's light middle

Hi again everyone so today i was running a file, while i watched the side’s of the engrave were as expected but the middle as it run through were light, not really getting enough of a burn, i’ve noticed it doing this before on birch ply, it buried the ends of each run but just lightly marked the centre,

i have also noticed that i normally cut 3mm white faced mdf with one pass, at 28% power 7mms while using k40 Whisperer but on Lightburn i have the laser set at 35% power, and use 100% of this in my lightburn settings, but need 3 passes at 3mms,
To double check i installed my old nano board again and run the same cut at 7mms and 28% power and cut straight through, so i must be missing a setting??, by the way 35% power on lightburn passes equates to 15ma, and 28% equates to 12ma on old board, so tube says its putting out the correct ma but laser impact via LB is not as strong, weird.
Video attached of light centre and dark edge,
Cheers all
Video click here

Enable Overscanning:

Oz top man cheers

Holy crap good work oz, that over scanning done the job, and watched another tutorial on cross hatch, awesome work tried both today Wow holy cow, weird to see the laser fill in on the Y rather than the X only.
Thanks a bunch.

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