Darker burn on edges then in middle

Hey All
So noticing on all my projects that the edges of the file burn way darker then the rest… it really doesn’t matter what settings I am using for speed or power as it is the same no matter what I set it to… I have uploaded an image for example…
I have a 4.2W Jtech on an xcarve

Settings are currently
2 in/sec @ 70%
Using pine

Again setting changes make no difference!


Also should point out that it happens where the laser changes direction

For engraving, you need to enable overscanning in the Fill settings.

Have you set the lightburn program so you have some overrun when engraving? I have an xcarve and the 7 watt laser and had the problem at first then did some reading and saw you need a little overrun so the laser shuts off and has time to come back on. Hope this makes since. I am sure Oz can explain it better.

Thanks Oz… I just tried that and seems to be way better!

Ok you beat me to it and a much better explanation.

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