Dashes in my image after Tracing

I did a test with this online PDF editor, and was able to delete the first page of your SuperOccupation PDF and download. I then was able to open the separate pages.

Here is the website I used.

Thank You Sir your efforts are much appreciated!

That Site worked well Sir Thank You! I can now open diff pages of the PDF!! Awesome!

If you send us a PDF that’s causing LightBurn to hang, we can likely fix the actual problem, instead of you having to work around it. Email a file to support@lightburnsoftware.com with a link to this thread, or just say that the PDF is hanging the software.

Also - I think you can open and manipulate multi-page PDF in Inkscape, also free, so that might be an option…

If you’re running Windows, open the original PDF in either Chrome or the new Edge (Chromium based) and save it as a new file. Then try importing the file into Lightburn - Some PDF creators muddle the file and cause problems (Epson scanners have this problem with certain versions of their desktop scanner software). Doing this may allow Lightburn to open the file correctly.

Done! Reached out to a couple of other Software support folks to see if they have any other ideas as well…

Thanks Will Try!

I did open it with Edge and added a line to it and saved it again but I still could not open it in Lightburn afterwards… the website provided above works though to modify and save it.

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