Days remaining bargraph

My first year of license was nearly expired so I renewed. Don’t wanna miss out on any good updates!

I was looking at the license management page and eyeballing the “days remaining” bar.
I’ve got 377 days showing, looks like it might take about 4700 days or so to top it off.

Is there a quantity discount on enough advance renewals to fill ‘er up? :grin:

That’s… interesting - it should be scaled for a year. I’ll have to check it.

I wondered if when it got to 366 it rolled over and started at 0 again.

No, the control probably auto-scales itself higher if you set a value larger than the maximum. That’s likely what’s going on.

LB 0.9.11 - 2020-04-16 and Linux Mint if it makes any difference.

It’s fixed for the next release

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