Dead rows with cutter?

Strange problem after upgrading to 9.19 - getting dead rows where either light burn isn’t sending info or controller isn’t printing. Sometimes corrects with machine/computer restart - sometimes not.
Image of problem

Not sure if anyone has had a problem like this before.

  • What kind of computer system (PC? Mac? Which OS version?)
  • How are you connected to the laser? (USB, Ethernet, WIFI?)

USB, PC Windows 10 home x64.

Note: prior to upgrade over 1 year no issues.

I’m just trying to isolate issue - hardware or software so i can correct.

Which version were you running before? I haven’t seen this issue yet from anyone else, so I don’t think it’s a bug. Do you have a lot of files stored in your controller? They can get weird if full.

Hadn’t thought of that, but I don’t usually store files on the machine. Was running 9.16. I’ll reset controller and make sure everything is clear.

Ok, so I’ve finally been able to replicate. If I get the error and restart the cutter/controller the error persists, but if I don’t restart the controller and just restart lightburn the problem clears. I reinstalled at 9.19 and the problem is intermittent but not nearly as often. Now that I have a cause and a work around I thought I’d pass it along, overall very happy with software and recommend you guys to anyone who asks what I use.

I’m also going to replace the male to male cord next just in case.

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my issue.

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