Decimal point coherence (MacOS)

Cut settings editor window: decimal point has to be a period; it does not accept a comma.
Move window: decimal point has to be a comma; it does not accept a period.
There are more inconsistencies like Width & Height are indicated with period whilst Rotate uses a comma.
Even in Cut/Layers window, you have a mix of periods and commas.
That’s annoying. When you type, for instance, a move of 15.5 mm you get 155 mm and your laser travels unexpectedly to the Moon. :grinning:

Which locale / language are you using the software in?

Width and Height use the custom control we wrote to handle expressions, and it should allow either comma or decimal. The Rotate control uses the system control, and that will display based on your locale / language settings. If you set the locale settings to use a decimal point, it should be consistent everywhere.

I’ve tried to make it behave this way, but it’s been a pain - if the language setting is changed after the preferences load, half of the UI is already configured, so the other half gets the new settings. I can have another look.

The two macs we use are set in Spanish, LightBurn in English.
Also, you should disable the annoying zillion Noto fonts and other foreign fonts appearing in the font menu.
From Big Sur, Apple provided a way to hide those fonts by app developers.


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