Default Image Engraving Setting

The first time I opened a photo in Lightburn for engraving, there were default engrave settings. I think they were 100 speed / 20 power (max). I’ve been playing around with engraving photos and now when I import a photo, I can’t get the default image settings back. I’m trying to recall if the minimum power setting was the same as the max setting or if it was zero :thinking:

For any of the dithering modes they should both be the same.

The only time you’d set them different when doing an image is if you were using grayscale. On a CO2 laser that will usually give you varying depth, not variable shading though.

In the cut settings editor window there’s a button at the bottom left to reset to default.

Thanks Oz :blush: :raised_hands:t3:

If one wants to edit all minPower settings throughout its library to match that of the maxPower - what are his/her options other then edit the xml/clb and manually change all settings one by one?


Here is the complete list of other ways to do it:

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Damn, i hate multiple choices.

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