Default import layer

Is it possible to set up a specific layer when importing objects? If not, would it be possible to implement this feature? Could add it to the “Settings” dialog box.

This isn’t very clear. You’re wanting all imported objects to go to a specific layer color when you import them?

I would like the option to choose a default.
Say I have a specific layer set up with the settings I need for doing bamboo coasters. Now when I import anything, it comes in on the black layer (probably because that is the color it was created in in another program) but the black layer has the wrong settings.
I know this is similar to the library function, but this would be easier.

Your best bet is going to be to design these things using the color you want to use in Lightburn. When I design things, I use the Lightburn colors in Illustrator, and upon import, the colors are retained and behave as you’d expect.

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