Default name and successful pop up

Hi, I am now using LB instead of RDW but two things annoy me when sending a file LB always wants to use the filename, on RDW it set it to ‘default’ by default (pardon the pun). we have to overtype it with default and now just d to make it easier this way the machine’s memory does not get full of designs.

The other thing is having sent the design to the laser in RDW a pop up is left on the screen saying the file was sent successfully, which remains on the screen until ‘OK’ is selected. in LB after sending a very small text is displayed at the bottom of the screen and this seems to disappear sometimes. When looking over at the screen it was nice and easy to confirm that it has been sent in RDW but not so in LB, you end up sending it again just to make sure.

Unless of course i have missed some preferences somewhere

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