Default origin not being remembered

See the image below. Every time I start LB, the default origin reverts back to the center instead of the bottom left. I’ve included other images of what my settings are in Settings and Device Settings. Have I missed something?





When you say “default origin”, do you mean the 9-dot control on the top toolbar next to "Rotate”? That just controls where the size and position numeric entry boxes are relative from, and has nothing to do with the machine or job origin. Its state isn’t stored.

Ok, that explains why it goes back to the middle “dot” at each startup. I wish it was stored. I usually place most jobs at 0,0 (left bottom corner) for ease of sizing and just generally in line where my work piece zero is located. It’s easy to type in zeros in the xPos yPos boxes but I always forget to change the “dot” from the middle to the bottom left. I just assumed this correlated to the Job Origin default as set in the setting dialog.



You could simply select your artwork and click here:

Having said that, if you’re doing raster engraving with overscan, you’d need to move it away from the left edge to accommodate the overshoot, so centered is a better option there.

I’ll make a note to store & restore the setting. That should be relatively simple.

Cool. Thanks Oz. Your support is top notch. Please take any questions I post as me trying to learn and any suggestions as just trying to help improve the product to an even higher level.


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