Definitions for settings

I’m trying to adjust my settings and I wanted to check on the definition of a couple of words since it doesn’t seem like they’re actually in the manual.

cut acceleration
Minimum corner speed
Jump off speed
Idle acceleration
Max acceleration
Keypad jump off speed
Corner speed

I have a Ruida, but I think they are similar enough in operation… some I don’t have such as corner speed and cut acceleration and minimum corner speed.

Jump off is what speed the machine will start the axes movement, same with keyboard, but only when driving it from the console.

Max acceleration is how fast the controller is allowed to accelerate that axes. Idle acceleration is similar but is applied when the head is just moving, not lasing…

I don’t have a corner speed, but I assume it’s how fast it can corner, you would have to look at the documents on the Trocen, hopefully it’s buried in there somewhere. Some of those Chinese manuals leave a bit to be desired.

You have a maximum/minimum power setting. On the Ruida, it’s called the ‘start speed’ when the head is at or below the start speed you will only get minimum power. I’m sure there is something similar in the Trocen for max/min to work correctly.

Hopefully this helps… Sorry I don’t know them all…


its a good start thanks.

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