Del Key behavior in 1.1.03

I was surprised to see that using the DEL key on a selection using v1.1.03 causes the selection to be rotated, rather than removed. I found that SHIFT DEL brings about the previous, and intuitive behavior. I prefer the old behavior, which was consistent with just about every graphical tool our there. Is this a “feature” or a “bug”?

Is there any special setup to get this behavior? I cannot reproduce.

Both DEL and SHIFT-DEL have the same behavior for me.

v1.1.03 on W11.

What OS are you running under? Are you using LB in a language other than English? (Not seeing this behavior here either)

One of my devs mentioned this as a possibility: the “Del” key on the numeric keypad is also the “.” key, which is rotate. If you toggle the NumLock button, it should map to the Del key again.

I normally use the “Del” key near Home/End/PgUp, so the numpad one didn’t occur to me.

Mystery solved. Win11 laptop. Apparently “NumLock” is the default. there is no visual indication that it is (or is not) in effect. There are two “DEL” keys. One along the top (where you would expect ot see function keys), and one at the bottom next to the 0/insert key. I guess I am accustomed to having the “Action Keys” pgup, pgdown,arrows, etc, being the default behavior, however I guess win11 has turned this all around, at least on my laptop.
Not your bug to fix. Thanks Microsoft and gateway.

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