Delay in forum updates?

I usually update the list of most recent posts a few times and I had a notion that this had been going on for a while and now I’ve had the proof.
I was reading a topic and a post comes in indicating that it was posted 19 minutes earlier.

To my understanding, we’re active on every continent, except Antarctica.
I’d have to check the research station to confirm.

The forum is hosted on AWS and it’s available on several physical devices simultaneously.

It’s probably synchronizing from server farm to server farm. I don’t think there’s an intentional delay built in.

Your attention to detail is noteworthy.

I think it’s an internal database that records tempos, rhythms, wait times. If something stands out, a red light goes on and I start paying more attention.
I remember a problem in AWS where a site after 20 years went bzzt, not recoverable.

can always test by
reply wiht time stamp
GMT 00:04:54

You can hover the “timer” top right corner and it will say the time

I just edited the post, updated the list of topics and @gilaraujo post was already 8 minutes past.

Could also be an anti-spam technique.
As most posts go through filters. a delay from public visibility makes sense.

cant be 8 min past as is been 4 mins only hahaha

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Never mind I just posted and it says 7min ago.

your system time updated? i am almost certain discourse uses server time but unsure if the display is local even if recorded server time on database

Internal as in internal workings of the brain.

I believe it is automatic or else many programs signal a red light (I think Lightburn also).

Lightburn will really dislike it when activating yes.
I really see updates in near real time, in fact i got the notifications popping up
All under “1m”

make maybe sense to check your settings if you have a option to delay them.

Wil do.

After syncing time…