Delete overlapping line

It was addressed earlier about being able to make one cut where 2 lines overlap, but I can not get this to work. If I have a box, create a duplicate and use the new snap feature to align the boxes. LightBurn will cut the overlapping lines twice. Is there a way to sit it to make one cut?

After looking at the design again I realize I did not use the snap feature, I used the array feature setting it to 0 offset. This indeed creates 2 cut lines. Anyway around this?

If they are indeed the same length and in the same position, you can check your optimization settings:



Make sure ‘Remove overlapping lines’ is green, and then you can run through a preview of the job to make sure it’s only cutting them once.

Thanks for the reply. I double checked these settings and they were already checked. It still wants to cut duplicate lines.

Looking closer at this I notice when I use the array feature what it creates is not lined up. It seems to step each duplicate it makes. The image is the corner of 2 of the images that the array feature created.

Is that an actual vertical walled box?

That is my problem. It somehow became skewed. Not sure how that happened. Thanks for looking.

It does indeed omit the second line. On this computer (installed on 2 machines) did not have overlapping lines box checked.

Thanks again.

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